*Photo Credit: Hannah Moore

"Lila has loved her Discover Music classes. She always speaks very positively about Thursdays.
I asked her if it would be okay with her if I sent an e-mail to you, saying something like this, and her answer was, "Oh yeah, she's great. I love that class, tell her that." So there's the back of your novel, or your review from the 6 year olds.
Thanks again for a fun class." - Quinn Thomsen

"My daughter absolutely loves Spanish Musik class. Betsy has all the kids enchanted by her songs on guitar. Everyone (Parents included) tries to sing and sign along with her or strum along on the little drums. We leave class humming the songs for the rest of the week. 

It is a great way to learn some spanish, sign language, and simply have fun with your little one." - Maria Welbourn

"I have attended Musikal Magik classes over the past 5 years with both of my daughters and have loved them!

Creative, open, and playful! Each class is unique and tends to the whole child through dance and sign and sound and instruments. It is a weaving together of the senses that is a full and enlivening experience." - Betsy Grenske

"We enjoy your playful and energetic music circles.  You rock at playing the guitar!  The kids always look forward to seeing you. Thank you for sharing your musical talent with us."  - Christi Karlsgodt

"Teacher Katy does an amazing job of enhancing children's love of music through singing, dancing and exploring different musical instruments. My child talks excitedly in anticipation of the class each week and I love watching the joy it brings her while we have fun with sharing music together!"   - Kiersten Johnson

"Katy's class is one of the most creative and energetic music classes my child and I have ever attended! She has a magical touch with the children!" - Anjanette and Mateo

"My son and daughter, now ages 5 and 7, both went to Katy's music classes. Everyone in our family loved and learned the songs Katy and Betsy taught us. The children love the colorful sights and sounds, and we loved the variety themes that kept all the parents singing and dancing in class and at home!!" -Rebecca J.

"Katy has a very special place in our hearts. We started our daughter at 3 months and continued music classes until she was 2 1/2 and starting preschool. Not only was it a bonding experience for my daughter and I, we learned through Katy's magical touch how important it is to dance & sing daily with each other in and out of class. By bringing her music home with us (CDs) we could sing along in car rides - short & long which we still do a year later. We also improved our signing (sign language) immensely through her music classes. 

We've had Katy at our daughters 1st & 2nd birthday to entertain the kiddos - and try to catch her readings when we can throughout town. 

3 1/2 years later when our daughter sees anyone with a smile and abig flower in her hair, she smiles and says "KATY!"

Thanks Katy for all you do and what you bring to our children."  -Cat Burns